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Digital Printer CF-6000 for polyester fabric Digital Printing

Ink Type: C M Y K
Max Print Width: 1900 mm
Printing Speed: 1 PASS:200㎡/h; 2 PASS: 110㎡/h; 3 PASS: 75㎡/h

Product Description

Digital Printer CF-6000


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         Functions and features:


1. The secondary ink supply system is adopted to keep printing for a long time to ensure the output quality of the picture

2. Adopting international high-end software, the pictures are more realistic and the reproducibility is better.

3. Anti-collision frame: The position of the nozzle can be adjusted according to different printing consumables. Anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for the nozzle.

4. Intelligent alarm for lack of ink: Intelligent reminder of lack of ink reduces the cumbersomeness of frequently checking the remaining amount of ink. At the same time, it reminds to add ink in time to ensure the continuity of printing work.

5. Ink stack: equipped with advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, operation and maintenance are more convenient.

6. Adopting Japanese THK silent linear guide rail, the movement is more stable and the service life is longer

7. The American fluorine rubber press roller can prevent static electricity from flying and ink, print size more accurately, and reject wrinkles.



8. Two-way Lexai brushless motor, high-precision drive linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error, and more stable performance.



9. Two-stage continuous ink supply system: continuous printing for a long time; four super-capacity ink cartridges, each ink tube independently supplies ink for a row of nozzles, ensuring high-speed output of large-area thick images.



10. The standard computer host, monitor, keyboard and mouse bracket, eliminating the cumbersome purchase of a computer desk separately, the workshop layout is more concise


  • 01

    Adopting international high-end software

  • 02

    Anti-collision frame

  • 03

    Intelligent alarm for lack of ink

  • 04

    Ink stack


Device model CF-6000
Sprinkler Nozzle type 6*Epson 5113
Number of nozzles 6 pcs
Nozzle attributes Automatic cleaning, automatic flash spray moisturizing function
Printing speed 1pass   200㎡/h
2pass    110㎡/h
3pass    75㎡/h
Ink Color scheme C M Y K 
Ink type Sublimation ink
Ink supply method Siphon ink supply
Effective width 1800mm
Print media Sublimation paper
Media transfer Dual power direct collection
Drying method External intelligent air-heat integrated dryer
Moisturizing mode Fully sealed automatic moisturizing and cleaning
RIP software Support Maintop6.1, photoprint, ONYX, NeoStampa and other software, standard Maintop6.1
Support image format JPG, TIF, PDF, etc.
Computer setup Operating system Win7 64bit / Win10 64bit
Hardware requirements Hard disk: 500G or more (solid state drive is recommended), running memory 8G, graphics card: ATI independent display 4G memory, CPU: Intel quad-core i5/i7 processor
Transmission interface Gigabit Ethernet
Standard configuration Tension delivery system, intelligent drying system, liquid level alarm system
Working environment Humidity: 15%-25% Temperature: 40-60 degrees
Power requirement Input voltage 210-230VAC  50/60 HZ  10A
Printing system 1000W
Drying system Maximum power: 3000W
Machine size Physical dimension 3180*1700*1500mm

Production Process

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